Kitchen Renovations Canterbury

When planning their kitchen renovations, Canterbury homeowners can turn to the team at Executive Kitchens for unique, one-of-a-kind designs. When you first visit our showroom, you’ll meet the friendly team, and get an idea of just what is possible when you choose a custom kitchen design. While you’re at the showroom, you can make an appointment for your in-home design consultation.


When we visit your home, we take measurements, and note the features of the existing kitchen space. We consult with you, drawing out the ideas you had when viewing our showroom so that we can design a kitchen renovation that’s perfectly suited to your needs. This process generally takes around two hours of your time.

Kitchen Showrooms Canterbury

Once we have compiled the designs into beautiful 3D computer generated drawings, it’s time for you to visit the showroom again. In our kitchen showrooms, Canterbury clients can go over the designs in detail, making any changes and finalising the kitchen design.


This is also the time to select your finishes, to finalise the cost, and to place your completed order. The transparency of our process helps our customers to feel confident that they are getting the high end kitchen that they want, at a price that’s affordable.

Custom Kitchen Designs Canterbury

Once we have finalised the kitchen designs, Canterbury homeowners can expect our team to make one final visit to recheck the measurements and ensure everything is ready to proceed. We get all appliance details from you (whether these will be new or existing appliances) before setting to work making your new, custom kitchen.


At the agreed upon installation date we will remove the old kitchen, and make preparation for the new one. This is generally a very quick process, meaning you are never without such an essential room for long.


Once the process is complete, there’s nothing left to do, but for our clients to start enjoying their new custom kitchens! Canterbury locals can start this process today by visiting our showroom, or contacting the Executive Kitchens team by phone or email.

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