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Family-owned and operated the team at Executive Kitchens have helped countless Melbournians to turn their dream kitchen into a reality.Using only the best internationally-renowned components and materials in our kitchen we strive to change the lifestyles and living environments of our valued customers thanks to our contemporary and focused approach to kitchen renovations.

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With over 35 years of direct and first-hand experience behind us we can produce innovative and personalised kitchens made to meet the demands of the modern Australian household. To give all of our customers lasting peace of mind all of our kitchen come with a standard 10-year guarantee, giving you the confidence to use all aspects of your kitchen right after the final works are completed.

  • At Executive Kitchens you are a person with a name not a job number. We are a family business that gives you personalised service from beginning to end.
  • All kitchens are professionally designed. They are Custom Made by qualified cabinet makers to suit your home and requirements, not modular mass produced standard cabinets with large infills to make them fit. We make our kitchens the traditional way by using cabinet ends that go to the floor, NOT plastic adjustable feet that deteriorate over time causing cabinets to drop and stone bench tops to crack. We glue, pin and screw our cabinets together for extra strength and durability so this will never happen.
  • The materials used in our kitchens are of the highest quality, (Australian and European). The hardware we use has a lifetime warranty backed by the world’s leading manufacturers Blum and Hafele. We don’t use inferior copies as they are cheaply made, don’t last very long and have no warranty as such. All our cabinets, doors and bench tops are highly moisture resistant which gives you peace of mind when using your kitchen as this is a wet area prone to getting water on the floor, doors and bench tops.
  • The Pit Falls you should know before doing a kitchen renovation yourself using a flat pack kitchen. They may look very tempting due to the low price but there is always a catch. Bunnings, IKEA and the majority of other do it yourself flat pack kitchens can take up to 2-4 months or even longer to complete a kitchen renovation by the novice and can be very frustrating We get so many do it yourself kitchen renovators coming to us asking if we can help them by cutting down cabinets and doors so they will fit. Asking if we can supply certain hardware to them as the place they purchased the flat pack kitchen from doesn’t have it. Asking if we can supply bench tops for them as they have an odd shape room. We also get frequently asked if we can finish the renovation for them as the renovation has turned into a nightmare.They are generally made of inferior materials such as imported particle board which contains an extremely high level of (formaldehyde) which is a class 1 carcinogen, a cancer-causing agent. The cabinets and doors are made from non HMR (highly moisture resistant) materials. The hardware is generally Chinese copies of the high quality European hardware. The cabinets assembled with the minimum amount of screws. They generally last about 5 years before needing replacing. Ultimately, you pay a bit more for custom made Australian quality, but you are saving in the long run.
  • The installation of our kitchens is free of the horror stories you may have heard about other kitchen companies. Our installation and other associated tradespeople have worked with us for many years and their workmanship is of the highest standard. They are well coordinated so your old kitchen is removed and the new kitchen is up and running in an average time of 3 days (stone bench tops take a little longer).
  • Executive Kitchens come with a 10-year guarantee against faulty workmanship, and manufacturers’ warranty on all other components.
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So, before you make that final or fatal decision (do I save money and buy on price or do I spend a bit more for quality and service) please consider the above. You may pay a bit more in the beginning but you will definitely save in the end.

Whether you need kitchen renovations in Melbourne or a custom kitchen designed & manufactured from one of the best kitchen designers – we are here to help.

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