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At Executive Kitchens we have made a business out of delivering lasting and personalised kitchen improvements and builds to homes across Melbourne. Our family-owned and operated team fully believe in the effect a brand new or refurbished kitchen can have on the appearance and liveability of the home as a whole. Thanks to our in-depth attention to detail and our passion for all things kitchen we can oversee the entire kitchen renovation for Blackburn homeowners and locals in the surrounding suburbs.


From the initial design process, to the turning of the last screw or dowel, our expert team will work closely with you to turn your vision for your kitchen into a reality. thanks to our beautiful and functional kitchens Melbourne residents won’t be stuck with an outdated kitchen for a day longer than necessary. Our renowned approach ensures that you get the best kitchen renovation in Blackburn and beyond that is made to last.

Kitchen Showrooms Blackburn

Discover Our Exceptional Kitchen Solutions for Yourself

Are you struggling to visualise your ideal kitchen? Do you have no idea of the design options available to bring out the best in your kitchen environment? At Executive Kitchens we understand the importance that having a fresh and contemporary kitchen can have on the overall appeal and comfort in the home. To help our customers gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities to be found in the kitchen renovation experience the team at Executive Kitchens have fully-stocked kitchen showrooms for Blackburn residents to view firsthand.


Showcasing the latest styles, trends, and colours, our kitchen showrooms give Blackburn homeowners a visual guide and representation to make an informed decision regarding their custom kitchen design and build. Our helpful and friendly team are on hand to help provide detailed information and suggestions regarding the right product for your kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Blackburn

Get the Right Kitchen For Your Home Today

Turn your poorly-designed kitchen into the envy of your friends and family by trusting the team at Executive Kitchens. Our detailed custom kitchens in Blackburn contain everything including the kitchen sink. By trusting our expert design and fabrication team you can enjoy an authentic kitchen space that comes with our professional guarantee and will be the space where you can prepare countless meals for you and your family. To discuss your kitchen needs and requirements with our professional custom kitchen crafters Blackburn residents can call us on 03 9890 6111.

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