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At Executive Kitchens we combine our passion with unmatched professionalism and ingenuity to deliver unique and fully-functional kitchen improvement experiences to our valued customers living throughout Melbourne. With over 44 years of industry experience we are the kitchen design and renovations experts Doncaster homeowners can trust to transform their kitchen space.


Working to the vision and the desires of our customers our inventive and fully-qualified designers can create bespoke, seamless, and faultless plans and layouts perfect for the modern Melbourne home. Taking into account the inclusion of appliances and additions including sinks and fixtures, we can complete beautiful and innovative kitchen environments that make the most out of the available space.


Whether our customers have a standard home in the suburbs, a one-bedroom apartment seven floors above the ground, or a townhouse on the CBD’s fringe, we can create the right kitchen that does not feel too cramped or too spacious.

Kitchen Showrooms & Cabinets Doncaster

Innovative Solutions for Valued Customers

Has your kitchen begun to show its age? Does your kitchen look closer to last century than today? At Executive Kitchens we have made a career out of designing and building beautiful, detailed, and contemporary kitchens perfect for Melbourne homes and living environments. by staying ahead of international trends we can craft kitchens that are designed to improve the convenience experienced by homeowners whether they are preparing a meal for the family, or simply making toast in the morning.


At Executive Kitchens we know that having a modern kitchen can improve the overall liveability of the home. To help our customers living throughout the metropolitan area gain a deeper insight to the possibilities of their custom kitchen renovation or rebuild. From our fully-stocked kitchen showrooms Doncaster residents can see the available products and features we install in our kitchens in the flesh.


Along with fixtures and ancillary items our spacious kitchen showroom also displays our numerous and high-quality cabinets for Doncaster homeowners looking to rejuvenate their kitchen. To ensure that our customers receive the highest standard of quality service all of our works come with a 10-year personal guarantee, allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind everytime you open a cabinet or turn on the rangehood.

Custom Kitchen Doncaster

Unique Kitchens at Affordable Prices

Thanks to our decades of first-hand experience in the industry the team at Executive Kitchens know that no two customers have the same idea of what the ideal kitchen is. To continue to be Melbourne’s leading kitchen creation company we can deliver a bespoke custom kitchen experience that Doncaster residents have been searching for. Leaving nothing to chance we will provide you with all you need to have the right kitchen that is perfect for both you and your home. To speak to a member of our helpful team about our exceptional custom kitchens Doncaster residents and beyond are encouraged to get in touch by calling us on 03 9890 6111.

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